Sunday, September 23, 2007


Hello, all! I've started this blog mostly as a place to store my photos (as my hard drive is not a spacious one). Life for me, right now, isn't exactly filled with gripping drama -- so this will be mostly photos.

Oak Bay, a suburb on the east side of Victoria, is known for it's beautiful houses, expensive cars, beach-front properties, and elderly population. Victoria's often called 'home of the newly-wed and the nearly-dead'. Well, here in Oak Bay, it's mostly the 'nearly-dead'. Aside from the occasional quadruple-murder-suicide, it's a very quiet place. We're lucky to live just around the corner from beautiful Willow's Beach, and many other coastal sights.

Willows Beach -- Just around the corner

Willows Beach -- from the other side

Mt. Baker on the horizon

A misty morning on Oak Bay

Cattle Point -- a short walk up the beach

Oak Bay Marina

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