Thursday, November 15, 2007

Give us any chance; we'll take it...

It's a good thing I quit Murchie's when I did - and not just because the company's folding. September marks the beginning of the slow season for breweries, and if they're going to hire, that's when they'll do it. And did they ever. As of Oct 29th my new title is 'Brewing Technician' at the Vancouver Island Brewery. So far it's been mostly work on the bottling line (see photo--that's me on the right), but I've been told by our brewmaster that my training starts next week. Hopefully this means less bottling. Not that the work is all that bad, just that it's a bit mind-numbing. The pay's great, plus I get 80% medical/dental coverage, profit-sharing, and two dozen beers with each paycheque.

The only downside is that I can't make it home for Christmas this year. Any other year shouldn't be an issue, but this year the extra-slow pace that the brewery usually experiences over the holliday season is very valuable for training. Oh well, there'll be other years. This year it's just me and the pooch.

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